Happy hump day! You’ve made it halfway through the week with us but don’t worry we still have two great more shows before we close out the week.

We’re embracing winter by trying new activities to share with you every Wednesday this month. Today, we headed out to Great Bear Ski Valley to take a snowboarding lesson and we were carving out the slopes in no time!

Speaking of embracing winter, it’s hard to do that if you don’t have winter wear. Brittany was left in a predicament after burning a hole in her jacket from standing too close to a heater so that got us thinking.. How many others have some wear and tare in their coats that need fixing? We shared some tips and tricks to get the job done and it looks good as new!

Have you been feeling sluggish or off lately but feel like your personal energy is pretty good? Have you ever thought about your home’s energy and how that may be effecting you? An expert joined us today to share the importance and how we can restore our home’s energy.

Fast fashion has become a hot topic recently. We learned some ways we can stay clear of that and an event promoting ethically sourced fashion. Get your tickets to Locally Sourced at the Icon Event Hall for this weekend to learn more and support a good cause.

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