It’s a brand new week on the KELOLAND Living set, and we got the week rolling with more of the fun you’ve come to love.

AHHHH CHOOOOOOO! Excuse us, if you’re like our team you may have noticed an uptick in the sneezing and sniffling around your house. During this time of year it’s easy to write off a runny nose as nothing more than seasonal allergies, but what if it’s something more? Our friends from Lewis Drug dropped in to let KELOLAND Living’s Ashley Thompson (and all of us) know the signs we need to be on the watch for to keep ourselves healthy. Learn how to spot the differences between influenza, COVID-19 and seasonal allergies below.

Speaking of our KELOLAND Living team, we’ve got a brand new team member! Brittany Kaye sat down with the new KELOLAND Living photographer and editor, Logan Kurtenbach, to hear all about his life story in this week’s Across the Table at JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars.

Major League Baseball and Little League alike are back in action, and while you can hit a home run with any bat you pick up, many of us run from home if we find out it’s picked up a mammal bat. Before you head for the hills and run from the bats in your attic, give CP Bat Mitigation a call to learn all about their free inspection. Find CP Bat Mitigation’s information in the article below!

We have a serious question, do you know how to properly clean a head of lettuce? No? Well, let us tell you how! We learned all about cleaning fruits and veggies from CTE Academy Culinary Arts instructor, Janelle Whempner. She gave us tips on cleaning everything from a tomato with a soft spot to the perfectly ripe banana.

As our bodies age muscles can start to feel tight and we’re left feeling less limber than ever. Are you looking to get your body to feel loose and ready to take on the world? Look no farther than the team at StretchLab. Their team of certified “flexologists” can have you limbered up and ready to tackle every day. Plus, they’re offering a limited time offer if you join by May 1st, to see the full limited time offer head to the link at the bottom of this newsletter!

You won’t find us on your KELOLAND TV channel tomorrow. We’ll be too busy rooting for our favorite team as the Bayern Munich take on Manchester City from Etihad Stadium. But, if you’re still itching for more KELOLAND Living you’ll find a special encore presentation on KELOXTRA & The CW at 2 PM.

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