Have you ever started to date someone that is extra friendly and attentive to you but then as soon as they catch your attention and affection the effort stops? This is something a lot of people experience in different stages of a relationship. But when does this become a problem? We had a Licensed Counselor stop by to share signs that it is becoming a bigger issue and what you can do about it.

Peter Cotton Tail is putting his final touches on the Easter baskets that he will be leaving for kids all over the world this weekend. Where are you at with your Easter plans? Our favorite Charcuterie expert joined us to demonstrate how to make a charcuterie Easter basket that everyone can enjoy at your holiday gathering if you’res still thinking about what to make.

When someone close to you passes away, it’s common to have feelings of sadness, thoughts about questions you wish you would have asked them or even think about things you wish you would have done before their time was up. We invited a a local storyteller and funeral officator to join us on set to share examples of questions we can take the time to ask now while we still have our loved ones around.

We are told time and time again that living a healthy life is key. But everyone’s body is different and the Dr. that joined us today said there are things women need to especially pay attention to. Brit Haus in Sioux Falls stopped by to focus on fiber intake in females and demonstrated a delicious recipe that can help you get that nutrient in your diet.

Whether you’re having professional photos taken or just snapping pictures for your own memories and enjoyment as you go about life, there’s probably one thought that goes through your mind during that: I want to look my best and most photogenic self. A local makeup artist joined us on set to demonstrate makeup looks you can add into your beauty routine that can help get you feel your best when the photo is snapped.  

We hope you enjoyed the last two days of encore performances on KELOXTRA if you tuned in. We’re back on our regular programming tomorrow so be sure to tune in for an all new KELOLAND Living show! We’re stopping by Dynamic Spine and Neuropathy to learn how they can treat your pain without using meds, we’re introducing you to our next Reliabank Business Beat guest and learning how to feed a giraffe. All that and more coming up on Thursday’s KELOLAND Living at 2 PM.

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