Whether you’re looking for renovation ideas, looking to purchase a new home or just want to check out the trends.. The 2023 Sioux Empire Home Show is the perfect place to do just that. They stopped by to share more about what you’ll fin if you attend.

It can be easy to overlook the needs of children in our community whose only thoughts involve what they’re going to wear to school that day and whether they’ve got anything to keep them warm and dry on their way to school. Levo Credit Union stopped by to tell us how they’re trying to help this issue with their Operation Hope and Caring and how you can get involved.

We get sunshine one day and snow the next. It’s the time of year when you need to be prepared with de-icing salt. Nyberg’s Ace joined us to share some advice on what kind of de-icing salt you should be using.

Home videos are one way to keep memories but could you imagine one of your videos going viral? We sat down with a local family to hear more about how you can catch their video on The Greatest @ Home Videos tonight on CBS.

Nothing beats a delicious stir-fry recipe for dinner. And the best part about stir-fry is that it really can be easy. We learned some tips to simplifying stir-fry that you can try tonight!

We hope you have a great weekend. Be sure to tune in on Monday for another great show. We’re learning how to be a good dog neighbor, introducing you to our next Across the Table guest, and getting tips on quieting a room. All that and more coming up on Monday’s show at 2 PM.

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