Receiving flowers is extremely special but when it comes time to bid that bouquet good-bye, it can be difficult. We learned how we can preserve our favorite blooms by pressing them and creating a unique piece you can save forever.

Have you ever wondered how you can create a sweet, delicious chocolate bar at home on your own? We demonstrated how to temper your own chocolate perfectly.

Speaking of delicious goodies, there is nothing better than cookie dough that you can eat. We whipped up some edible cookie dough that you’ll want to try.

Being around negative energy can be draining. We invited a psychic medium to teach us how to ground and cleanse our energy so we can protect it.

Having smoke detectors that work properly and an escape route in place is key to surviving a fire in your home. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue stopped by to explain tips for creating one and why it’s important to test your alarms.

Tune in tomorrow for another great show. We’re getting to know a local author as we sit down Across the Table at JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars. And Ashley takes a turn with Profile Plan.

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