We’re getting ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year in more than one way! First on today’s show we learned about a local celebration that celebrates the Year of the Rabbit: Lunar Fest Sioux Falls.

Then we sat down with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra to learn more about how this weekend’s concert honors the Lunar New Year by featuring a Chinese composer and Rui Du on the Violin.

Have you been thinking about switching careers but aren’t sure if you have the qualifications? AARP sat down with us to talk about nanodegrees.

Want to ramp up your workouts without buying any weights? We demonstrated a HIIT workout on today’s show that only uses milk jugs as weights.

Dry January isn’t for everyone, some might want to lessen their alcohol intake while still enjoying an occasional cocktail. That’s why we got a few expert tips to help get the benefits of “dry January” with a more flexible schedule.

Tune in on Monday for another great KELOLAND Living. We’re learning all about the Scoville Index and the science of peppers – and we’re kicking off our Cabin Fever week!

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