Love the look of long lashes but struggle to apply false lashes? On today’s show we got tricks and tips from a makeup pro.

Ashley is back from Iceland and with her she brought some of her favorite products to make traveling easier.

Heading out to hunt? We had a recipe to whip up that deer meat for a delicious treat.

This week’s Reliabank Business Beat features two relators who have a passion for getting people into the right homes for them.

The holidays are coming and now your house can smell like them too, thanks to the essential oil recipes for the holidays we learned on today’s show.

If you’re wanting even more holiday fun be sure to join us Friday at 2 PM. Sophie Daly joins us once again in studio and she’s walking us through how she and her husband created the mud room of their dreams. Plus, what’s a Friday with out a weekend warm-up? Be there as we talk with WilLiquors to learn how they can help you give the gift of merriment this holiday season. And, the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra drops in to remind us that the holidays and music go hand in hand thanks to their “’Tis The Season” concert December 11 & 12.

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