Today Ashley Thompson and Mitchell Olson got the ball rolling toward health with Health Connect’s Health Festival to learn how they’re not just working to strengthen your body, but also the community they serve.

If you’ve ever lived on a farm you know that farmers and others living in rural communities don’t always have the access they need to fundamental mental health care. That’s why we sat down with our friends from Avera Behavioral Health to learn more about the farm and rural stress program.

Also, if you want to feel your best but also want to look your best. That’s why we got the low down on the Plexaderm 10-minute challenge which they claim can roll back the clock on your under eyes.

And, are you struggling to find enough time to make a quick and easy breakfast? We had one of our favorite food bloggers on todays show to learn all her tips & tricks to getting bellies full and out the door on a busy morning.

Stay tuned for KELOLAND Living tomorrow when we find out the last bands that will be playing on the Levitt at the Falls stage this weekend, and much more.

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