Dry, itchy skin impacts lives across KELOLAND during the harsh winter months. That’s why we caught up with Angelique Verver of Platinum Imagination to learn why you should be facing the facts and looking into a facial oil to keep your skin supple.

Speaking of facing facts, many around the world are guilty of tokenism. Some knowingly set out on the journey while others may not realize the detrimental impact tokenism can have. On today’s show we caught up with one woman who has experienced tokenism and how we can work to rectify the problem.

Looking for a way to improve your life? You only need to look as far as the principles of improv. We sat down with part of the team from Improv Falls to learn how we can make our lives better with a few tricks of the stage.

From running, to realty to racing to school drop off, Kate Patrick seems to do it all in her busy day-to-day. Thankfully, she wasn’t so busy she couldn’t make time for a drink with KELOLAND Living’s Ashley Thompson at Jj’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars in this week’s Across the Table. Learn how she tackles her life in the link below.

Plus, are you looking to make a BIG impression on your Hunny this Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to break the bank? Maybe it’s time to SHRIK your ideas and GROW your creativity. Enter shrinky-dink jewelry made from your hands with love.

Be sure to join us right back here tomorrow! Due to soccer airing during out normal programming time, we will be airing another encore presentation of KELOLAND Living on KELOXTRA at 2 PM. We’re learning how to find fulfillment in the mundane, getting a male perspective on human trafficking and sharing fun board games. All that and more coming up on KELOLAND Living on KELOXTRA at 2 PM on Wednesday.

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