While those that are already all “coupled-up” LOVE to give relationship advice to their single friends, there are definitely some things to avoid. We got some tips from an expert on today’s show!

If the advice they give you is to take your date to a game of sports ball…then you may want to also check out today’s segment on “Football 101”. Our friends from the KELOLAND Sports team walked us through the basics to make sure we don’t get ourselves in a pickle on game day.

Speaking of pickles, Mitchell to Ashley to his parents’ house to learn how to make his favorite “Christmas Pickles” aka “Red-Hot Cinnamen Pickles”. And his mom was a great sport when it came to their shenanigans too.

And as if that isn’t enough to give you a good laugh, in today’s Across the Table Mitchell sat down with comedian, Zach Dresch.

Tune in tomorrow for another great show! We’re getting easy breakfast tips to make your mornings run smoother!

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