We’re dancing into the weekend here on KELOLAND Living, literally. On today’s show we were joined by a ballroom dance instructor to learn some of the basics of slow dancing.

We got expert tips from a professional makeup artist on adding a little color to our faces in the dead of winter.

If you have seen the latest trend in “cartoon cakes” you will definitely want to check out today’s segment on “cartoon cookies”!

Next week is National Alliance of Women in Construction Week! To celebrate we got a lesson on tiling.

And it may still be snowy here, but we know just where you can get the freshest fruit around. We even made a delicious freezer box cake out of strawberries picked just days ago.

We have another great show coming up on Monday! If you want to improve your British accent in time for your next viewing of My Fair Lady, you’re in luck! And Don Jorgenson joins us to tell us more about his upcoming Holiday Vacations trip!

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