Today’s show was hot, hot, hot! And when we say it was hot, we mean our mouths were on fire as we tried a variety of delicious, and award winning, hot sauces. Check them out at this year’s KELOLAND Living Arts & Crafts Show.

In this week’s Across the Table, we sat down with the man behind many of the great heads of hair you see in our region, Virg Christoffels.

Already have broken crayons coming home in backpacks? We demonstrated how to melt old crayons into fun new shapes!

And if you or a loved one is navigating Alzheimer’s, you know it can be a lot to deal with. That’s just one of the reasons you will want to learn more about the local Alzheimer’s Association walks coming up across KELOLAND.

Tune in tomorrow for another fun day! We’re learning to style a fridge like a pro and we’re manifesting greatness with the blue moon!

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