On today’s KELOLAND LIVING, Ashley Thompson and Mitchell Olson frolicked through the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds, pointing out the classic fair-foods, rides and even carnival games.

Ted Takasaki stopped by the KELOLAND studio to give us tips on fishing through the fall season.

Then, we headed to Medora-North-Dakota, where former-president Teddy Roosevelt is still walking the streets, taking in the city’s fun activites, and even leading hikes along the buttes.

Ashley checked in with a registered dietitian who now calls herself an ex-dieter. She had advice on how you can be one too.

And, did we mention we had a wine-tasting today? That’ll surely help warm you up for the weekend, with WilLiquor’s.

On Monday’s KELOLAND LIVING, Back-to-School teacher gift ideas, and office ettiquette in the work place. You wan’t to miss it.

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