On today’s show we took a trip to Lief Ericson with KELOLAND Living’s Ashley Thompson and Mitchell Olson to learn about an upcoming event for adults to experience day camp! After all, why leave all the fun for the kids?

Sanford Fit Kids stopped by to give us some tips to help our kids get quality sleep. And they shared some of their free resources too!

Do you hate marketing? Our friend Vince Danh stopped by to tell us about an upcoming conference for you! It’s even called the I Hate Marketing Conference.

We sat down Across the Table from someone you often see making cocktails with us on the show!

And we learned how to level up our accessories look with one of our favorite image consultants!

Tune in tomorrow for another great show! We’re getting tips on how to your hair under hats and we’ve got some Halloween hacks you will love!

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