The Sioux Empire United Way is kicking off their 2023 campaign next week. They stopped by to share what’s happening and give us a taste of the beer Severance Brewing created in collaboration for it.

Whether you’re looking at designing a new or old space, Montgomery’s is here to help. We stopped by Montgomery’s to learn all about their free design consultation and why you’d want help from an expert.

Barbecues aren’t just about the delicious food, it’s also about bringing people together. We sat down with Holy Smokes Barbecue for this week’s Reliabank Business Beat to learn more about how they’re sharing their love for BBQ by offering classes.

Getting a new pet can be frustrating in the begging when it comes to their behaviors. We sat down with an expert to learn how you can encourage positive behaviors in pets.

In honor of this year being the 21st anniversary of September 11th, we sat down with a local man who was working as an operations manager for Spirit Cruises in New York City and our very own KELOLAND Tom Hanson, who was in Washington DC during the time of the attacks.

We hope you have a great weekend. Meet us back on Monday for another great show. We’re stopping be the Sanford International, talking with Sanford profile and learning about an event for Alzheimer’s. All that and more coming up on Monday at 2 PM.

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