Today on KELOLAND Living, Mitchell Olson shared about his experience of being in NYC on the day of the 9/11 attack. A stranger-turned-friend that Mitchell met that day, Cornelius Jones, joined them via zoom.

Then, some folks from The 437 Project stop by to explain why this run across our state is so important to both physical health, but more importantly…mental health and suicide prevention.

Also, have you ever had a bat stuck in the attic of your home? You’re not the first…or the last…but CP Bat Mitigation is ready to help you through an event like this.

We found out more about Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, and how it causes mild cold symptoms in most people but can lead to hospitalization and even death in older people and babies.

And, with the addition of Family Feud following KELOLAND Living weekdays at 3PM CST, Ashley Thompson & Mitchell Olson jumped into the Feud spirit by playing a version of their own.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s KELOLAND Living, when Mitchell teaches Ashley some cooking-hacks that he thinks she may need some help with.

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