Today’s show continued to lean heavily on Barbie for this year’s Halloween inspiration.

Our friends from Silverstar Carwash stopped by to tell us how they have transformed this year’s haunted carwash into a Barbie Screamhouse!

But scary Barbie wasn’t the only Barbie theme on today’s show. Mitchell and Ashley also made DIY visors to go with the roller blading costumes inspired by summer’s hottest movie.

Halloween can really scare you when you start to think about all the costumes you have to make. But, it’s important to remember that dog’s get scared too. We were joined by an expert to get tips on keeping our pets safe and calm this Halloween.

Is it possible to talk about religion and politics at work? We were joined by a life coach who says it can actually be done in a healthy and beneficial way.

And if you refer to your friends as your “tribe”, or to a meeting as a “pow-wow” – it’s time to reevaluate. We sat down with local Native American leaders to talk about why it is offensive to appropriate their culture.

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