We thought of a good pun earlier… but it’s scone now… Just kidding, we know life is what you bake it, and that’s why we had all the tips for you on today’s show – starting with why it’s important to have your ingredients at the right temperature.

Once you know all about ingredients, we have a recipe for you; and we didn’t take any whisks. It’s a breakfast quesadilla!

And while we are used to getting curious in the kitchen, what about cultivating curiosity in your kids? We talked to an expert to get tips.

And just like in our kitchen segments, sometimes things get challenging. But in life’s even harder times, we learned why it is important to go through things, rather than around them.

And… FORE! Sanford International is just around the corner so start looking out for all the great tournament details we’ll be bringing you as we get closer to the event, starting with today.

Tune back in tomorrow for another great show! As it heats up outside, we’re learning more about the importance of inclusivity in outdoor recreation. And we’ll meet another business as part of our Reliabank Business Beat.

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