If you ask our host, Ashley Thompson, about her trip to Iceland, she could go on and on about all of the amazing things she got to see and experience. If seeing the Northern lights and all of the beautiful scenery is on your bucket list, we have the perfect opportunity for you to go on a trip of a lifetime with KELOLAND News’ Tom Hanson. Holiday Vacations joined us via zoom to share all the details and how you can secure your spot.

We live in a community where so many people go above and beyond to make a difference. Touchstone Energy Cooperative is recognizing this through their Who Powers You Contest where community members nominate who they think is deserving. We introduced you to the next nominees on today’s show. Be sure to tune in every Thursday to meet all of the nominees before we announce the winner on May 25th.

I think it’s safe to say we all have somewhat of a sweet tooth. You’ve probably visited the candy store or a bakery a time or two, but have you ever visited a palace full of sugar? Today’s Reliabank Business Beat guest took her love for frosting and talent for baking sweet treats to the next level by opening her own bakery, Sugar Palace.

Speaking of a sweet tooth.. do your cravings keep you from straying away from your health and fitness goals? Well, if you’re a fan of ice cream, you’re in luck because we demonstrated a viral recipe using cottage cheese that is a protein packed bowl of deliciousness.

The sun is shining, the bird are chirping and it FINALLY feels like spring in KELOLAND. But, what comes with that? Muddy pups. Our favorite pet expert joined Brittany Kaye, who has time and time again dealt with her fur baby rolling in the mud, to share tips and products you can use to help keep the mud out of your home.

Tune in tomorrow for another great show. We’re warming up for the weekend with WilLiquors by trying some off the beaten path alcohol, sitting down with Plexaderm to learn more about a product that will leave you looking younger and learning more about why an internship with South Dakota Parks & Wildlife Foundation could help jump start your career. All that and more coming up on Friday’s show at 2 PM.

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