There’s no better way to warmup for the weekend than with WilLiquors! They stopped by to get us ready for the weekend by demonstrating a perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, even the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra is adding some love into this weekend with Songs of Romance. Click the link below to hear a sneak peek.

South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation is bringing more to outdoor fun at the Outdoor Campus Sioux Falls. They stopped by to explain what’s being added.

We’ve covered lots of lovely treats and now it’s time to get to the main course. We showed you how to make heart shaped ravioli that is perfect for your v-day celebrations.

Love is in the air and people are feeling great, but scammers know it’s a good time to take advantage of people. The Better Business Bureau of South Dakota stopped by to share what we should know about romance scams.

We hope you have a great weekend. Tune in on Monday for another great show. We’re introducing you to our next Across the Table guest, getting secrets to a long lasting marriage and sitting down with Lewis Drug. All that and more coming up on Monday’s show at 2 PM.