We sat down with the organizer of the upcoming 2022 Faith and Business Conference in Sioux Falls to learn more about the mission for bridging the gap between faith and the working world.

How does giving back and having fun at the same time sound? The Bishop Dudley House stopped by to share details on the upcoming Taste of Goodness event where you can do exactly that.

There are not many thing that beat the smell of fresh linen. We invited an essential oil expert on the show to share how you can make your own DIY linen spray that doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients.

Do you have a lot of old t-shirts laying around? We demonstrated a few different ways for how you can easily turn any old t-shirt into something you’d actually wear.

In a recent study, South Dakota was ranked #1 for the state with the most family-owned businesses. We sat down with Prairie Family Business Association to learn how they help these businesses thrive and what this means for our state.

We have another great show coming up for you tomorrow! We’re introducing you to our next Across the Table guest, sitting down with the Sioux Empire Fair and getting anniversary gift ideas from The Diamond Room. All that and more coming up on Tuesday’s show at 2pm.

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