Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard the commercials or seen the billboards for Shen Yun. Shen Yun literally translates as: “The beauty of divine beings dancing.” And its mission is to revive 5000 years of divinely inspired culture from China before communism came into power.

Catie Blaine is with the non-profit organization, and she joined us today via Zoom today to share a little more about the show.

In a little more than 3 weeks, Shen Yun’s journey through the five millennia of traditional Chinese culture will take the stage at the Mary W. Sommervold Hall at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls. Shen Yun features stunningly beautiful costumes and dance, a cast of award-winning, world-class artists, powerful storytelling that evokes a lost culture, with a full orchestra playing mesmerizing, original scores. Shen Yun performs on Tuesday, February 28th and tickets are still available. You can order online at ShenYun.com or by calling the Washington Pavilion Box office at 605-367-6000.