It’s an unfortunate reality that what you gain in living among the beauty of rural South Dakota may also mean that emergency medical services might not get to you as fast as you would like. Making sure that where you live in South Dakota doesn’t have to play a role in how healthy you live in South Dakota is the focus of a one-of-a kind initiative of the South Dakota Department of Health. It’s being called Telemedicine in Motion and it’s a partnership being led by today’s two guests: Marty Link, who is with the Office of EMS and Trauma and Becky Vande Kieft is with Avel Ecare. They stopped by tell us more about how it works and why it could one day save your life, or that of someone you care about.

Goals of the program

South Dakota’s new Telemedicine in Motion program helps support EMS professionals by connecting them with board-certified emergency physicians and experienced nurses through video and phone to the paramedic in the back of the ambulance. To find out more about this unique initiative, you can reach out to the South Dakota Department of Health by calling 605-773-4031. You can also find out more on the Department of Health’s website at