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Sanford Underground Research Facility going deep for science


Nearly one mile underground in Lead, South Dakota lies a world-leading science facility that serves as the “office” of scientists searching for answers to the most fundamental questions about the universe. We were given the unique opportunity to travel beneath the surface to bring you an insider’s look at areas few people get to see outside the world of particle and nuclear physics, biology, geology and engineering. That’s a lot of science that boils down to this: Researchers are working to find how and why we’re here and how what they find could change everything.

Neutrino Day is Sanford Lab’s free science festival which takes place on Saturday, July 13th, at locations throughout the City of Lead. Those include the Sanford Lab, Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center, the Lead/Deadwood Arts Center, the Historic Homestake Opera House, and the All In One Events Center. The festival includes hoistroom tours, science activities and exhibits, demonstrations, live video chats with scientists, including perennial favorite “Science Steve” Rokusek. The finale brings science and art together with a live performance of “The Legend of the Northern Lights,” featuring the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra.

Sanford Underground Research Facility

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