If you’ve ever been to a professional golf event, you know the feeling of that electric air. That first time you walk through the gate to your seat and see the course laid out before you, chills shoot down your spine. Somewhere along the course, greatness can happen at any moment. And that’s just the beginning of what spectator’s will experience at this weekend’s Sanford International tournament in Sioux Falls. Brittany caught up with Assistant Tournament Director, Davis Trosin, to give you an insider’s-view of the Sanford International spectator experience.

Behind the scenes at Sanford International With David Trosin & Brittany Kaye

The 2022 Tour Champions Sanford International brings golfs’ legends to the lush links of Minnehaha Country club now through the 18th in Sioux Falls. The course is open to the public tomorrow through Sunday. Whether you want to watch great PGA Champions compete on the course, or simply want to enjoy tonight’s great music by country music’s Sam Hunt at the Sanford Pentagon, you can find out all you need to know at sanfordinternational.com.