The weather is warming up and baseball is underway again, but the DeMarinis and Louisville sluggers aren’t the only bats you should be thinking about. Did you know that worldwide there are 1,400 different species of mammal bats? Those unwanted pests are everywhere overhead. Thankfully, Jill Kolb, who together with her husband, John, own and operate CP Bat Mitigation in Sioux Falls (formerly known as Central Plains Bat Removal) stopped by the studio to fly us through how they can take care of the uninvited trespassers if they should enter your humble abode.

Common signs of bats

CP Bat Mitigation has more than 30 years of experience in safe and humane bat control services that are designed to protect their customers and their homes and businesses. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service and are known for their industry-leading guarantee. If you have a bat problem you need taken care of or think you may have a bat problem, give them a call for a free inspection at 605-351-5718. You can find also more information on their website,