Monday is national potato chip day, and while the thin, crispy, saltiness is a stand-by when it comes to snacks there are a few ways it can be improved. From sourcing out a few better options at the store to making your own – you can have your chips and eat them too.

Annie Mello is the owner CPMFITness. She joined us to give us the hacks we need to scratch that snack itch but not totally derail our health goals.

Some of Annie Mello's favorite potato chip alternatives
Annie Mello’s favorite potato chip alternatives

Check out some of Annie’s easy and gluten-free recipes here: Don’t let the holidays gobble up your sanity: 15 minute or less Thanksgiving recipes

Chips made out of just cheese!
Chips made out of just cheese!

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Annie Mello and Ashley Thompson on the KELOLAND Living set

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