When you think of the ultimate Midwestern treat, the thing that pops right into many of our minds is the classic puppy chow. The classic cereal treat has been a staple of many kids’ diets for what seems like ever, but have you ever tried to improve on the classic?

Molly Hill, the Pastry & Baking Instructor at CTE academy, stopped by for a visit to show us how we can create the ultimate, perfect puppy chow cookie. The cookies are perfect for those cold blustery days when you’re looking for the best comfort foods.


Start by making your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe and make a depression in the center of each cookie after they come out of the oven. Fill the center with a ganache made of equal parts chocolate and peanut butter. Add puppy chow on top and then dust the entire cookie with powdered sugar.

puppy chow cookies recipe
Puppy chow cookies

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