If your family is experiencing bedtime struggles, you’re not alone. Ensuring your child sleeps the recommended number of hours each night can be tricky, but so important to their growth and development! From creating your own bedtime routine activities to follow along relaxation videos, the fit team has developed fun resources to teach kids about the importance of sleep while aiming to make your next bedtime a bit easier.

Brittney Nathan is the Lead Program Development Specialist and Lara Thiem is a Communications Specialist. They’re both with Sanford Fit, the Children’s Health Initiative from Sanford Health, developed to engage and empower children, families, and communities to make healthy lifestyle choices.

They joined us to tell us more about the Recharge pillar of the program and how it is designed to help everyone in the family get their Z’s.

Want to know more about you can help the children in your life live happier, healthier lives, Sanford Fit is designed to help. All of the free, expert-backed resources are available online at fit.sanfordhealth.org. Follow along on social at Sanford fit kids to stay up to date with their latest resources. Have a question about Sanford Fit? Simply email them at Fit@sanfordhealth.org.