You would think that after a lifetime of farming, it would be time for a little rest and relaxation in retirement. Only one of our vendors at this falls KELOLAND Living Arts & Crafts show, retirement in 2014 was a great time to start a new business and take that show on the road.

Today we introduced you to Ron and Ruth Ruba. They are the creative masterminds behind R and R Quilting and Embroidery. And for a couple who spent their early years growing a crop every year, they are not letting anything grow over their feet in retirement.  

You can find Ron and Ruth and all their creations at our upcoming KELOLAND Living Arts & Crafts Show this weekend. It will be the perfect time to make arrangements to have a custom item ordered for the special someone on your Christmas list. We know your friends and family will be touched by the extra thought you put into your gift giving this year. If have a special request, you can reach Ron or Ruth by calling 712-786-2265. You can also find R and R Quilting and Embroidery on Facebook or search their products online at