If you struggle with your weight, you probably know that the dressing room is one of the few places that serves up a blunt reality check for many of us. Yet fitting into a pair of pants, swimwear, or even a nice top, isn’t the only reason many people want to eat healthier. Easing joint and back pain, reducing your risk for type 2 diabetes, and lowering your stress level are also benefits that can come with a trimmer figure.

Yet, working toward that goal isn’t always something that’s easily measured in a mirror. Jill Biltoft, is the operations manager for Profile Plan and Tierney Messner is an area manager with Profile Plan. They know that not seeing progress in the mirror can cause some people to lose their motivation.

They joined us to show us a tool that Profile Plan coaches use with clients to give them measurable results when they aren’t always reflected back in a mirror.

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