If you’ve ever planned a party, a trip, or any type of event, you know how stressful it can be to get everything in order and ready to go. Now, think about this: What if you had to plan something that was going to take place thousands of miles away? That’s exactly what Brittany Kaye just had to do for her sister’s bachelorette party in Scottsdale, Arizona. And she learned a lot of different things in the planning process. That’s why she decided to share some of those ideas that you could use when planning an event from afar.

Tips from the segment:

Book flights and where you are staying six months in advance if you have a large group.

Start working on the itinerary 2-3 months in advance so you aren’t rushing at the end and can give everyone a heads up for what they’ll need to pack.

Reservation tips
Use Google Docs to get an idea of how much you need and what people want
Order/scheduing food & beverages for delivery tips

Ride tips: If you have a large group of people, split them up into riding groups. Designate one person as the payer. Divide the total amount and split between your group at the end.

Decor tips: If you need to bring along decor or other party favors and don’t want to bring an extra suitcase, order it online to arrive to your Airbnb on the day you will get there. If you know someone who lives in that city you can send it to their address as well.

Communication tips: Create one large group text. Facebook groups are also a great way to keep all of the information readily available. You can create polls so people can vote on things to do or what to wear if you’re doing themes. You can also attach files to make it easy to access Google Docs or other things you’ve created. If you’re traveling out of the country, make sure everyone has Whatsapp downloaded so you can easily communicate.