It’s great to go outside any time of the year, but summer is one of the best seasons. The weather is wonderful, you don’t have to bring a lot of extra clothes in case it gets cold, and it’s the best time for a lot of outdoor activities. And you’ll find plenty of those outdoor activities at the Outdoor Campus West in Rapid City.

We recently stopped by to talk with Education Director, Lacy Elrod and Naturalist, Clint Whitley to find out more about their summer activities and classes. And if you’re a college student looking for a summer internship, we got the details on that, too!

The Outdoor Campus in Rapid City includes more than 1.5 miles of nature trails for your everyday use, as well as a 14-station walking archery course and a 14-station practice range.

You’ll find the Black Hills fun at 4130 Adventure Trail in Rapid City. You can also find out more about their classes and events online at

Interested in a summer internship at Outdoor Campus West? With the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, students enter a work environment with professionals who have a passion for working in the outdoors.

You can experience first-hand how you can help sustain our outdoor heritage in South Dakota, by applying for a paid internship. Simply scan the QR code on your screen below to find out more about these paid positions.

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