There is nothing like a smile to brighten someone’s day. In fact, most people, kids included, feel better when they smile – and rightfully so. Science proves that smiling or laughing provides many health benefits at any age.

Smiling boosts your confidence; makes you happier; increases those feel-good chemicals known as endorphins and even draws people to you.

The team of dental professionals at Orchard Meadows Family Dental & Denture Clinic understand the importance of your smile which is why your comfort, care and happiness are their top priority.

At Orchard Meadows Family Dental and Denture Clinic, they believe in taking care of your teeth through your lifetime by using the latest dental advances to educate patients on oral health and preventative maintenance – your comfort, care and happiness is their top priority.

You will find their new office location at 2606 Elderberry Boulevard in Rapid City. You can call or go online to schedule an appointment. The number to call is 605-737-3150. Online just go to their website