It seems no matter how hard they try, how intensely they look at a subject, some people’s drawings just look wrong. The sad truth is that you can read how to draw in books, maybe even take a few art classes, but the art of drawing is a talent that continues to elude some of us.

Thankfully, today’s guest has that talent and she is willing to share it with us and with you at our upcoming KELOLAND Living Arts & Crafts Show in just a couple of weeks. Sherry Pettey is the talent behind Sherry Pettey Illustrations and she joined us today to tell us a bit about what she does. And, more importantly, how she does it.

You can find Sherry at Sherry Pettey Illustrations Booth at our upcoming KELOLAND Living Arts & Crafts Show on October 15th and 16th, so mark your calendar now. It will be the perfect time to make arrangements to have a custom portrait done for the special someone on your Christmas list. If you just can’t wait two weeks or have a special request, you can reach Sherry by calling 417-483-0381.