It probably doesn’t come as any surprise to you to hear that beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and it has been for eons. And while you may also know that Oktoberfest is a favorite event on the European calendar, Germany isn’t the only place you can go to enjoy some really great beer.

In fact, Tracy Lambert, who is the general manager at Williquor’s Liquor superstore in Sioux Falls, says there are plenty of ways to enjoy a great beer without the passport and lederhosen.

WilLiquors is Sioux Falls’ largest liquor shop. It’s honestly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, so stop and see it for yourself. They’re located at 3625 West Avera Drive in Sioux Falls. And you can find their specials and selection on their website at They’re open seven days a week and curbside service is available. Whatever you’re looking for, they can help you start your weekend warmup at WilLiquors.