You don’t have to tell Brittany Kaye about the importance of farmers. After all, she grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. Today is National Ag Day across the country and South Dakota Farm Bureau wants everyone to consider the role farmers and ranchers play in all our lives. Kelly Brandlee and Mark Salvador are members of South Dakota Farm Bureau, an organization that represents farmers and ranchers on issues that are important to them. They stopped by to tell us more about the impact that agriculture has on South Dakota’s economy and on all our lives.

Ag impact on South Dakota

South Dakota Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership organization established in 1917 when the first county Farm Bureaus banded together to create the state organization. Today, South Dakota Farm Bureau represents more than 16,000 farm, ranch and rural families. South Dakota Farm Bureau has four categories of membership: Voting Members who are farmers and ranchers, whether active or retired, or owners of land used for agricultural production; community members who are people interested in and supportive of agriculture; student members and Agri-Partner Connection Members. If you’d like to know more, you can contact them by phone at 605-353-8050 or find out more online at