45 years after Elvis Presley died, his spirit still lives on in the hearts of his fans, including my former co-host, Gary Weckwerth. From Tupelo, Mississippi to Graceland, he and others just can’t get enough of the King of Rock and Roll and his music. So, what does Elvis have to do with Midwest Honor Flight? Our next guest can that question for us. Aaron Van Beek is the CEO of Midwest Honor Flight. He stopped by to share how a guy who claimed to be “All Shook Up” most of the time is helping today’s Veterans take the trip of a lifetime.

Everbody’s Elvis Event Details

Even if you’re not a fan of Elvis, you can still support the cause. ​95 cents of every dollar donated to Midwest Honor Flight goes directly to getting our LOCAL Veterans from northwest Iowa, South Dakota, northeast Nebraska, and southwest Minnesota to Washington, D.C. at no cost to the Veteran. You can donate online at midwesthonorflight.org, or give them a call to find out how you can help. That number is 605-215-1319.