We all know how important seeing clearly is to all of us. Yet, as we age, seeing clearly isn’t just about addressing the lenses inside of our aging eye.

Part of overall eye health also includes the outside of our eye area, such as droopy eyelids and brows, lumps and bumps, and even injuries to the eye area.

That’s where a specialty known as oculoplastics comes into play and it’s this expertise that

Dr. Zac Keenum brings to Vance Thompson Vision – offering options to change a person’s outlook on life – literally.

Isn’t it about time you started seeing the world a little more clearly? Then look no further than Vance Thompson Vision. You’ll be greeted with excellence from the moment you walk in their doors.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zac Keenum or any one of the experts at Vance Thompson Vision to talk about which vision correction option is the best choice for you, give them a call in Sioux Falls at 605-361-EYES that’s 3937. You can also find out more by visiting vancethompsonvision.com.