This can be a very scary time of year, what with all those horror films hitting local movie theaters, not to mention your neighbor’s spooky yard display, but that’s not even the half of it.

And if you think Halloween is frightening think about this: More than half of all families report rocky roads ahead when a loved one dies.

Jayna Voss is one of the founders and attorneys at Legacy Law Firm. And unfortunately, she and her team have seen how un-settled issues can create un-speakable problems for families as the end of life nears.

It’s certainly something none of us wants to have happen and certainly something Jayna says could be avoided if we take the steps now to avoid some uncomfortable conversations down the road.

Legacy Law Firm can help with everything from protecting your assets; to determining whether you’re making the most of your estate plan to best fit your unique needs in a way that best protects both your loved ones and your life assets. You can reach them online at

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