These days it’s relatively easy to find a job that will hand you a paycheck for your nine to five, and maybe even give you some benefits for the time you put in on the job.

But it’s a really special employer who believes enough in the work they do and the people they employ to make an investment in people. That can involve building a system that not only supports the people they serve, but also empowers their employees and provides them with jobs that pay them in ways that aren’t just measured in dollars and cents.

Gabrielle Hoing is the CEO of Kore Cares and together with the help of Daniel Card, the Director of Strategy and Operations with Think 3D they’ve developed a unique business model that takes in-home senior care to a new level for both the caregivers and the people they care for.

Because of the nature of home care and Kore Cares’ involvement with the community, they are often away from the office. Your business is important to them, and they are always available by phone.

In Sioux Falls you can reach them at 605-275-23-44. In Aberdeen, the number to call is 605-705-2880. In Mitchell call, 605 277-1447 and in Yankton, simply dial 605-791-7970. Or you can give them a call toll-free at 888-549-0704.

If you’d like to join the Kore Cares Team, head online to

You can also find more information about Kore Cares Services and their service area by checking out their Service Area Map online at