Whether you are the person growing older, or you are the person watching someone you care about growing older, there’s one thing you both care about– you want the care being given just like you would give it yourself. Gabrielle Hoing with Kore Cares In-Home Care Service knows that when the time comes to choose a home care service, you would much rather be able to do things for yourself. That’s why they approach every home care situation on a case­-by­-case basis and allow you to help set goals for your care. And that starts with caring for their employees.

Because of the nature of home care and Kore Cares’ involvement with the community, they are often away from the office. Your business is important to them, and they are always available by phone. In Sioux Falls you can reach them at 605-275-2344. In Aberdeen, the number to call is 605-705-28-80. In Mitchell call, 605 277-1447 and in Yankton, simply dial 605-791-7970. You can also find more information about Kore Cares Services and their service area online at KoreCares.com.