Have you ever wondered whether there is a budding Leonardo Da Vinci living inside you, whose artistic skills are just waiting to be discovered? Maybe there’s a Monet lurking beneath the surface that’s just looking for a brush and canvas to unleash the masterpiece you know you’re capable of?

Well, you’ve already seen what KELOLAND Living’s Ashley Thompson is capable of when left alone with a brush and canvas when she showed you her artwork in progress for tonight’s Lost&Found Gala Silent Auction. And yes, she finally did have to turn it in whether she was ready to or not.

Well, today’s guest has just the thing to help you release your inner Renoir. That’s because Jodi Baumgartner is the artist and owner of Black Cat Art Studio in Sioux Falls and she was also a vendor at this year’s KELOLAND Living Arts and Crafts Show.

She’s got the perfect way to help anyone find the artist within and maybe even tap into a little liquid courage if the inspiration you seek seems to be eluding you.

Why not grab a couple of friends or even your visiting relatives this holiday season and take in a Paint-and-Sip session at Black Cat Art Studio?

They’re located at 2101 W 41st Street, Suite 43 in The Western Mall in Sioux Falls. You can find out more about their projects and classes online at BlackCatArtStudio.com or by calling 605-951-5346.

You can also schedule a private paint and sip session on a first-come, first-serve basis, depending on artist availability.

Private events do require a non-refundable deposit that is due at the time of booking and the minimum number of people needed for a private event is 10 painters.