When was the last time you bit into a South Dakota-grown carrot? Or an apple? Or even a turnip and felt or heard that satisfying crunch? There’s no better time of the year than during harvest season to “get your crunch on.

And there are no better guests to give us some great ideas for how to do just that than SDSU Extension Field Specialists, Claudia Botzet and Anna Barr. They joined us today to tell us more about what the 2022 South Dakota Crunch Off is and how we can get involved in the Mountain Plains state competition to get the most crunches out of our state’s produce.

SDSU Extension meets the changing needs of South Dakotans with progressive outreach services, ranging from one-on-one interaction and forums to 24/7 online access through their website, extension.sdstate.edu. You can also follow them on social media. That’s at SDSU Extension on Facebook and Twitter and their YouTube channel can be found by searching SDSU Extension.

South Dakota’s Crunch Off begins today, but you’ve still got time to get into the crunchy fun until Friday, October 7th. Remember we’re competing against seven other states in the Mountain Plains region for the crunchiest honors. And don’t forget to use the hashtags South Dakota Crunch and Mountain Plains Crunch when posting your team’s crunch off on social media and online.