The return to school is looming, and regardless of if you’re a stay-at-home parent or the parent of a college age child you know that when your little chickadees fly off you’re going to be left with an empty nest.

Today we were joined by empty nester, Ann Nachtigal. She joined us today to share her own experiences and give tips for those out there facing an empty nest this fall.

Ann Nachtigal and Ashley Thompson

Ann Nachtigal’s tips for becoming an “empty nester”

Begin preparing for the transition well before kids leave home. This is a great time to join clubs for more social interaction, try new sport, and start budgeting for more travel.

As parents, our kids’ activities make up a bulk of our social calendar time. Be very intentional about staying connected to other parents that you no longer see at kids’ activities. Life is busy for everyone.

Embrace life’s many chapters. It’s ever too late to start something new. Visiting kids who have moved away can bring new opportunities to travel to new places around the world.