Is there anything better than going on vacation? The sun, the sand and of course the souvenirs all add up to make the trip of lifetime.

While a t-shirt can be nice. It’s definitely not the gold standard of the perfect souvenir. That’s why Ashley Thompson showed us a few of her favorite souvenir shopping tips to make sure we don’t just remember the trip, but have a treasure to cherish for the years to come.


Magazines make a great souvenir because they create a fun time capsule of the trip. You can look back at them years later and see what was going on at the time and what the trends where. Bonus points if they are in another language.

Magazines from Brazil
Magazines from Brazil


Cookbooks also make great souvenirs. You can bring them out and make a dish while reminiscing about a fun trip. It is also a great way to practice a foreign language you spoke while traveling. Ashley still uses French cookbooks she bought over 20 years ago in France and she is excited to cook with her daughter from new cookbooks she brought back from Brazil.

Cookbooks from Brazil and France
Cookbooks from Brazil and France


Buying a fun dress (or three) while traveling is always fun. And then when you were them again later, they remind you of the trip. Plus they are always a fun conversation starter!

Dresses from Brazil
Ashley wearing lace up jeans she bought in 2001 in France while at a birthday party with coworkers
Ashley wearing lace up jeans she bought in 2001 in France while at a birthday party with coworkers

Yarn or crafting supplies

Yarn is the souvenir that can keep weaving together your travels. Ashley bought this yarn in New York City but then took it to Malibu and crocheted a blanket with it.

Yarn purchased in New York City and being made into a blanket while in Malibu

Kids gifts

When it comes to kids gifts, Ashley likes to buy her kids toys and clothes that they enjoy but that are in a foreign language or are unique to the location she is visiting. Lots of fun and a little bit of culture mixed in.