Here in the heart of KELOLAND, you’ve probably heard mention of the town of Viborg, south of Sioux Falls. But did you know that Viborg, South Dakota has a twin town in the form of Viborg, Denmark? And that’s only the beginning of Viborg, South Dakota’s Danish determination. You see, the community, formerly known as Daneville, actually picked up its roots and replanted itself half a mile away from the original site in an effort to be closer to the new railroad line in 1893. If you want to know more about the Danish settlers who helped build a great state, you only have to step inside the Daneville Heritage Museum in Viborg, South Dakota. Here’s a look inside.

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The theme for this year’s Danish Days in Viborg is building faith, community and the future. There is a fun-filled weekend of special events beginning tonight with a movie at the Lund Theatre and continuing through Sunday night’s fireworks at the athletic fields. You can find a complete schedule of events online at And if you’d like to see more of the Daneville Heritage Museum, the doors will be open throughout the weekend.