These days you can’t escape being in front of a camera, whether it belongs to a professional who is being paid to capture a big event, or your friend who has grabbed their phone to snap a few pics to post to social media before all the fun is a distant memory. Either way you want to look good, and we think it’s safe to say that we would all appreciate a little professional advice to look our most photogenic in those photos.

So we, of course, went to the best professional we know, Angelique Verver, with Platinum Imagination. She joined us, along with her model, Bethany Buitenbo, to teach us her tricks of the trade.

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Tips for makeup that photographs well:

  • Good lighting is a must! Balanced, natural, outdoor light is best
  • Skin care! Make sure your skin is hydrated and exfoliated. And watch out for facial hair and fuzz that will stand out on camera
  • Use a foundation and/or powders that help blur imperfections on camera
  • Use underpainting and layering of products and colors to help make shadows and highlights look natural
  • Use high pigmented eyeshadows and blushes
  • Blend, Blend, Blend!
  • Make sure to add color/warmth to your face, not just foundation and eyes only
  • Pop out those beautiful facial features
  • Do eye makeup first, then foundation and concealer

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 Bethany Buitenbo on her wedding day. Photo courtesy of Angelique Verver
Bethany Buitenbo on her wedding day. Photo courtesy of Angelique Verver