11/12/2019 Host Chat

Brittany chats with Stephanie Dinsmore, who is filling in for Ashley while she is out with laryngitis, about Friendsgiving and statistics on dating.

11/11/2019 Host Chat
Brittany chats with Jeff Gould, who fills in for Ashley while she is out with laryngitis, about setting up the Christmas tree early, the tradition of the pickle ornament and how what you eat affects your sleep.

11/07/2019 Host Chat
Brittany and Ashley discuss how eating ice cream for breakfast can make you smarter and what your bookshelves say about your personality.

11/06/2019 Host Chat
Ashley shows Brittany the art she purchased for her daughter Ava’s birthday while visiting the South Dakota Art Museum and Brittany shares some interesting data on 4 day work weeks. (Don’t worry, the KELOLAND Living hosts will not be switching to a 4 day work week and will remain on the air M-F!)

Host Chat 11/5/2019
Brittany and Ashley talk about snacks around the office, National Donut Day and whether or not it is too early to start playing Christmas music.

Host Chat 11/1/2019
Brittany and Ashley share their favorite Halloween costumes shared by KELOLAND Living viewers and talk about some of the amazing community events that they will be participating in over the weekend.

10/31/2019 Host Chat
It’s Halloween and Brittany and Ashley have lost their bodies!! They talk about their Halloween costumes (or lack thereof) and how they created their floating head effect.

10/30/2019 Host Chat
Brittany and Ashley share their experience in the Haunted Car Wash along with the fun time they had last night at Price is Right Live.

10/29/2019 Host Chat
Ashley and Brittany celebrate National Cat Day with KELOLAND Living staffer, Courtney’s, cat Mango. Ashley also reveals what her cat, Helen McKitten, is going to be for Halloween and Brittany shares about her birthday vacation to Denver (and why she has to wear glasses today).

10/28/2019 Host Chat
Brittany is on vacation so Jeff Gould Fills in as Ashley’s cohost. Ashley and Jeff talk about their Halloween plans, one of the best costumes from last weekend and the creepiest doll museum ever.

10/25/2019 Host Chat
Brittany and Ashley show a preview of their scream-fest at Jaycee’s Fearfest, Brittany shares the results of her poll on Jordy’s Halloween costume and Ashley gives Brittany a birthday gift from the team!

10/24/2019 Host Chat
Ashley and Brittany play a plinko-style game to choose the last of the Price is Right Live winners and they share how they chose their careers.

10/23/2019 Host Chat
It’s National TV Talk Show Host Day! Ash and Britt talk about the great time they had at last night’s Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting and talk about Jordy’s Halloween costume (don’t forget to go vote!!).

10/22/2019 Host Chat
Brittany reveals what she plans to be for Halloween while Ashley becomes increasingly terrified of clowns.

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