It’s a simple fact in rural communities across KELOLAND that health care is woven into the very fabric of area communities. And the services that are provided by health care centers and health care professionals serve as a thread that ties together local residents who depend on that care and want it close to home.

Wade Erickson is the CEO of Horizon Health Care , one of four health care centers in South Dakota.

He joined us to tell us more about Horizon Health Care’s mission to provide rural communities with access to high-quality, affordable primary healthcare services and why taking time out during National Health Center Week to recognize those efforts is so important.

Horizon Health Care provides rural communities in South Dakota with access to high-quality, affordable primary health care services. You will find their main office in Howard, South Dakota and can reach them anytime by phone at 605-772-4525. You can also locate the community health center nearest you by heading online to their website. That address is Horizon Health Care is here for you and your family.